The world according to Russians




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Noskaties Rīgas konferences jeb The Rīga Conference 2018 prezentāciju THE WORLD ACCORDING TO RUSSIANS angļu valodā. 

Most Russians consider Joseph Stalin the “most outstanding person” in world history, surpassing even President Vladimir Putin who ranks second according to a Levada Center public opinion poll. The poll also suggested that famous Russians like Pushkin, Tolstoy, Gagarin or Mendeleev are considered less influential than these political leaders. Is it really the majority of Russians who believe this? In our analyses there is a tendency to conflate Putin’s Russia and Russia itself, the state and society, the political regime and its people. What ideology and values do Russian citizens believe in? Do their views overlap or contradict with those of political and business elites? How do Russians perceive the world? And why should the rest of the world care?

Mr Vladimir Kara-Murza
 , Russian Opposition Politician 

Mr Mikhail Fishman , Commentator at TV Rain, Russia 
Mr Andrei Kolesnikov , Senior Fellow and the Chair of the Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions Program at the Carnegie Moscow Center, Russia 
Dr. Vladislav Inozemtsev, Director, Centre for Post-Industrial Studies, Russia 
Moderator:  Mr Artemy Troitsky , Journalist, Russia 

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