29. septembris, 2018

Par raidījumu

Piedāvājam noskatīties Rīgas konferences jeb The Rīga Conference 2018 prezentāciju ARCTIC angļu valodā. 

The Arctic is experiencing a profound moment of transformation. Climate change has set a stage for the region to become an integral part of global affairs. It comes with both, great deal of opportunities, but with challenges as well. We have a promise of a positive economic benefit, but it should be sustainable and not endangering global climate. Today we see a genuine cooperation among the Arctic nations, but there are no clear cut international borders that will determine maritime, corporate and security patterns of the region. We have a common existential interest to protect the Arctic environment from deterioration, but processes perhaps are much deeper than ones associated with a human activity. In this very diverse mosaic of interests are we able to find a consensus on how to secure a change in the Arctic that is sustainable and friendly?

Amb. Andris Razāns
 , Ambassador – Director of the Policy Planning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Latvia

Mr Niklas Granholm , Deputy Head of Studies, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden
Ms Elisabeth Bauer , Head of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Office for the Baltic States and Nordic Countries, Germany
Moderator: Amb. Jānis Eichmanis , former Ambassador to Permanent Representation to NATO of the Republic of Latvia 

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